3. New landscape works from Yellowstone. Perfect timing of moon and temperature. Special lighting by @itsmeering

  4. Percy Galore

  5. Erin and I got to backpack in the sierras a few weeks ago and I’m finally getting to the photos. What an epic adventure! @itsmeering

  6. What you can’t tell from this picture is that approximately 20 million people went to Snoqualmie Falls today. Still a beautiful sight though, especially with #E.
    @itsmeering (at Snoqualmie Falls)

  7. Happy 150th birthday, Yosemite! A true gem. Go there if you haven’t.

  8. #vscocam Truckin’ in my new neighborhood

  9. Got to go climb around the Toulomne River Canyon a few days ago…my new favorite spot in Yosemite. (at yosemite)

  10. Arctic Picnic @danfroude (at honningsvag, norway)